6. Don't Lose That Job

from by Weston, Pedestrian

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No matter how many times you've been told,
you never let the advice take hold...

How could you lose that job?
what's left for you but to thieve and rob?
oh you're gonna be out a home,
you'll be all alone

Haven't you heard, you have to work,
"Yeah I can't find a job that doesn't hurt",
and I'm feeling the pain now,
but I'll make it right somehow...

Gotta get a job,
no matter how difficult it may be,
that's the job,
for me

Gotta make that money,
gotta bring home the butter and honey,
or my Honey-Buttercup,
just might leave

She might leave me,
on a train
I might never see,
her face again

If you were to leave me now,
I know what I'd do,
see you're the only that I have,
all I have is you...

You are the only one I see,
you're the only one for me,
the only one I've ever really seen,

Cause you have something no one else has,
when I'm with you I feel so glad,
when I'm not with you I feel so down,
so broken hearted and sad

So please, won't you not leave home,
won't you ever look at your phone,
I've been holding onto my phone,
like I once held onto your hand
can you understand I need you,
I've breathed you in and now I can't let you go

So darling, believe me
I need you,
I got a job now,
I could feed you,
You know I don't mean it like that,
I know you're just fine on your own,
but wouldn't it be better,
to not always be alone

Yes just to clarify, my lack of sexist intent,
all I'm saying is I'd pay my half of the rent,
you'd want someone,
not some bum

No you don't need no prince, carrying a bag of gold,
and you don't need anyone, telling you as you're told,
that's not what I'm thinking of,
I'm thinking of love

I told you once to stay safe and I could hear your smile fade,
well I did not assume, to try to point your way,
just because I want to hold you,
doesn't mean I want to control you

I love you


from Kind Old Soul (Not Me), released September 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Weston, Pedestrian New York, New York

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