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First I got born, I felt too cold,
but I'd toughened up some by two days old,
I drank some milk and I stared straight ahead,
try in' to get this old world inside my head

Sooner or later, I tried to crawl,
scratched my knees on the carpet,
knocked my head into the wall,
I'd have screamed until my throat was sore,
if my mother hadn't come, picked me up off the floor

At some point I began to think,
my first memory was taking a bath in the sink,
in the same moment I met my muse,
she said welcome to the state of a,ways being confused

Well the years went by and I guess I grew,
learned how to talk and who not to talk to,
yeah shake their hands and make eye contact,
unless you think you might get kidnapped

I made some friends, we had some laughs,
the trees were green and the water splashed,
had no fear of pain or death in mind,
we pretended to kill each other a thousand times

And of course I went to school,
learned how to treat people unkind and pretend to be cool,
no so much from the ones in the classroom seats,
but the ones at the front who pretended to teach

After high school I planned to continue to exist,
someone said not without a job and a watch on your wrist,
I said "you mean I can't just be alive"?
he said "no"..."and you can't afford my advice"

So I worked everyday until the sun went down,
but when you only live in the dark it's hard not to frown,
so I had to find some drinks to cheer me up,
and ever since then I never gave a care...

That is until...just then in then in the midst of my misery,
that's when my true love, she first came to me,
oh I'd never known such company,
but of course she had to leave

Well I liked her a lot...
she liked me a little...
those who say it's better to have loved and lost,
I doubt they ever did

My friends don't play cops and robbers no more,
I'm beginning to wonder what friends are for,
everytime I run out of money they kick me out the door,
and I still don't know

Oh why must everyone always be leaving so soon,
be it jobs, it hopes, or loves, or wombs,
I wished for s more permanent place to stay,
a man with a shovel overheard, said "I'll dig you a grave"

I said "I only got five dollars left"
he said 'that's fine, you can just will me the rest"
"that's a pretty old coat, and I don't like your vest...
but I do like that hat"...

So here I sit with the sun in my eyes,
just a' waitin' for the moment I die...
but it's not too bad considering I,
had a pretty good time anyway

No it's not too bad considering I,
had a pretty good time anyway


from Kind Old Soul (Not Me), released September 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Weston, Pedestrian New York, New York

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